Long Term Care Solutions In Hicksville, NY

Do you need long-term care insurance? There are 2 major factors that will determine your eligibility, your age, and your health. The younger and healthier we are the easier and more economical it is to qualify.

But as we age and health issues inevitably creep into our lives the premiums on long-term care will rise. Sometimes your age and health issues disqualify you from long-term care insurance eligibility. It is best to consider a long-term care policy while you are young and healthy. There are many long-term care options and you need a solution tailored to your needs. It is a great feeling to know that we can maintain our independence no matter what challenges lay ahead in life and not be a burden to our loved ones. Everyone should have a plan in place that protects their assets and their independence if we can no longer care for ourselves. Will you need a companion to help with shopping, fixing meals and other chores? What about the costs associated with a home health aide, nurses or assisted living? A long-term care policy helps you pay for these types of services and more. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our experienced agents.

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