You’ve worked hard your whole life to buy your home or condominium. Over the years you have accumulated some wonderful possessions that you and your family treasure. Are your home and possessions sufficiently protected? If not, how would this impact your family in the event of an unfortunate disaster like a flood or a fire for example? Many people assume that flood insurance is covered under your homeowners policy. Its important to know that flood insurance is NOT covered under your homeowners policy and that homeowners in and around flood zones should protect themselves. Homeowners need to protect their homes and possessions in case of a catastrophic event. A common problem I see with many people is letting their homeowner’s policy, renters insurance, or condominium insurance languish over time only to find they are not adequately covered when disaster strikes. Your coverage needs to be re-evaluated to account for home improvements and appreciation of home values. Contact us and speak with one of our experienced, independent agents. We will provide you with an insurance audit and make sure you are adequately protected right now and in the future. If you are a new homeowner or just not happy with your current insurer give us a call. Find out why hundreds of our customers seeking an insurance solution for their homes, condominiums, or apartments trust Richard A. Liguori Inc. for their insurance needs. Flood Insurance In Nassau County Several times a year Nassau County experiences flooding to many homes and businesses. In some low-lying areas like Freeport and Island Park, for example, you may be required by your mortgage holder to carry flood insurance for your property. However, areas we don’t normally think of as flood zones are now flooding with regularity. Get your flood insurance quote now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being protected. We offer very competitive rates and the best service on Long Island.

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